Restaurant Hours are shorter than normal.

Please call the restaurant after placing order online to verify order has been received and pickup time.

Tips for Staff

PLEASE make sure to call us after ordering online to confirm your takeout order!!!!!

Extra Sides
Mayberry's Salads

Family Meal Ordering

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Extra Hearty Sandwiches
Veggie Sandwiches

Brevard - (828) 862-8646

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Classic Sandwiches

​​Mayberry's​​​ Food to Go

We are working hard to get online ordering for takeout and food to-go running properly. 

PLEASE make sure to call us after ordering online to confirm your takeout order!!!!!

We are still open and providing as many great homemade soup, sandwich, and salad options as

we can in our neighborhood! 

MON-SAT 11-7pm
SUN 11-2pm

Until business goes back to usual and we all start having fun again, we may be limited in what we will be able to offer. We will try to update the following menu to reflect our available options!

To place a takeout order, please use the drop-down menus below and pay online, or call into the restaurant with your order and a card ready to pay over the phone. 

Delivery available for orders over $15 within five miles of 30 W. Main St.

***Please call for delivery orders.***